Put science back on track

    The VAWO aims at:

  • High quality of academic research and teaching
  • Adequate government funding of science
  • Science steered by scientists instead of managers
  • HRM policies that do justice to science and scientists
  • Reduction of the number of fixed-term contracts
  • Reduction of excessive workload
  • Favourable primary and fringe benefits



Fewer than 25% female professors by 2020?

21 January 2016 – In a recent letter to the Minister of Education, Dutch university leaders set themselves future targets for the proportion of female professors they will employ. In this letter they claim that gender [...]

VAWO event: 6 Alternative New Year speeches

5 January 2016 - The first Alternative New Year speeches, organised by the VAWO on the 5th of January in Utrecht, were a success. 6 scientists gave their views for healthy science in 2016. All [...]

Agreement on wage increase

27 November 2015 - Labour unions and universities reached an agreement on the implementation of wages for 2015. Starting September this year, wages increase by 1,25% and will be paid in December. Furthermore employees who [...]

10 November: National PhD Day

16 Oktober, 2015 - On 10 November in Delft, the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN) organizes its annual National PhD Day. The theme this year is Enhance your career. Pursuing a career in science is not [...]

Gender discrimination by Dutch organisation for scientific research

22 september 2015 -  Research shows that chances to obtain funding for research by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) are significantly lower for female scientists. The research by two social-psychologists was asked for [...]

Column Giorgio Touburg

Giorgio columns

Hard reset

Enter Rotterdam Central Station through the underground cycle park, and as soon as you open the sliding doors, you will be greeted by a citrus fragrance and calm piano music. You may think this is a nice touch. After all, there is no harm in injecting some much-needed serenity into a hectic public transport hub like Central Station. Moreover, says [...]

Giorgio Touburg is a doctoral candidate at the Rotterdam School of Management. He is also a VAWO-representative at Erasmus University and writes his columns for Erasmus Magazine.