Put science back on track

    The VAWO aims at:

  • High quality of academic research and teaching
  • Adequate government funding of science
  • Science steered by scientists instead of managers
  • HRM policies that do justice to science and scientists
  • Reduction of the number of fixed-term contracts
  • Reduction of excessive workload
  • Favourable primary and fringe benefits



Fewer than 25% female professors by 2020?

21 January 2016 – In a recent letter to the Minister of Education, Dutch university leaders set themselves future targets for the proportion of female professors they will employ. In this letter they claim that gender [...]

VAWO event: 6 Alternative New Year speeches

5 January 2016 - The first Alternative New Year speeches, organised by the VAWO on the 5th of January in Utrecht, were a success. 6 scientists gave their views for healthy science in 2016. All [...]

Agreement on wage increase

27 November 2015 - Labour unions and universities reached an agreement on the implementation of wages for 2015. Starting September this year, wages increase by 1,25% and will be paid in December. Furthermore employees who [...]

10 November: National PhD Day

16 Oktober, 2015 - On 10 November in Delft, the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN) organizes its annual National PhD Day. The theme this year is Enhance your career. Pursuing a career in science is not [...]

Gender discrimination by Dutch organisation for scientific research

22 september 2015 -  Research shows that chances to obtain funding for research by The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) are significantly lower for female scientists. The research by two social-psychologists was asked for [...]

Column Giorgio Touburg

Giorgio columns
This column will change your life!

In the USA, the phrase “fake news” is a topic of much debate. Many commentators blame websites like Breitbart for Trump’s victory. Breitbart’s headlines include gems such as “Birth Control Makes Women Unattractive and Crazy” and “Gay Rights Have Made Us Dumber”. However, the same mainstream media that criticise fake news are part of the problem themselves. You see, they are subject to the same institutional logic that makes fake news so influential. If it bleeds, it leads, which is to say that if a headline is sensational enough, people will click it. Read more..

Giorgio Touburg is a doctoral candidate at the Rotterdam School of Management. He is also a VAWO-representative at Erasmus University and writes his columns for Erasmus Magazine.