Urgent call WOinActie to Committee of Education

Deterioration in the quality of research, at least 2,000 redundancies and a serious shortage of professionals in certain professions. WOinActie makes an urgent appeal not to agree with the Minister’s plans, but to await the investigation into the adequacy of the macro budget for higher education.

Members vote on pension agreement

After nine years of negotiations, employees, employers and the government reached agreement on a new pension. It is a complex agreement in which good things have been achieved, but also in which room has been left for certain things to be filled in later on. All things considered, the members instructed the VAWO board on 11 June 2019 to present this agreement to her members in a positive light.

Van Rijn Committee: quality WO at stake

Students and lecturers are experiencing increasing pressure of study and work, there are signs that the balance between education and research is lost and the largely student-related funding can lead to a race to the bottom in terms of educational quality. This is stated in the report of Van Rijn Commission, which was commissioned by the Minister of Education to investigate the funding of higher education.

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VAWO is run by inspired Board members, engaged local representatives and enthusiastic office staff who work hard to create a better academic environment.

We support all employees in the academic world. Our campaign to reduce temporary contracts, makes VAWO a trade union for permanent and temporary employees. But we also stand for the quality of academic education and research.

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