WOinActie: Minister Van Engelshoven needs to step down!

While Minister Van Engelshoven of Education defended her policy a bit further on in the Pieterskerk in Leiden, the initiator of the WOinActie Rens Bod called for her resignation at the Court in Leiden. More than a thousand scientists, support staff, students and administrators who had come to the True Opening of the Academic Year yesterday answered this call with applause.

The Netherlands is heading for a knowledge gap!

The current austerity policy of Minister Van Engelshoven of Education poses a serious threat to science and to university education in the Netherlands. In doing so, the minister misses the mark by focusing unilaterally on applied science, while collaboration between all fields of science leads to valuable scientific breakthroughs.

Opinion: Rewarding solidarity

In Britain, it pays to be a member of a trade union. In a recent collective agreement on education, it was agreed that trade union members would receive their salary increases three months earlier than the so-called free riders.

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