96th general assembly

Concept agenda 1903: 96th General Assembly VAWO

Time: Friday 29th of November 2019, start 6.30 PM
Location: VAWO office, Boschweg 6, 4105 DL Culemborg

Draft agenda:

18:30 Walk in

19:00 Opening of the General Assembly with adoption of the agenda, draft report and decisions of the 95th General Assembly dated on the 11th of June 2019

19:30 Explanation of the merger plan

20:00 Room for questions

21:00 Vote on the merger plan

21:30 Questions & comments and clonclusion

Registering for the General Assembly is mandatory in connection with catering and can be done up to and including Tuesday the 26th of November 2019 by sending an e-mail to info@vawo.nl.