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True opening Academic Year
Sep 2 all-day

In September WOinActie, FNV, LSVb and VAWO organise a true opening of the Academic Year. We do so in protest at the planned budget shifts and budget cuts in Dutch higher education. The new plans involve a shift of ±100 million euros to technical and natural sciences. This is disastrous for the so-called general universities, and in particular for the humanities, social and biomedical studies. Objections against these plans have been raised by students, academics, university administrators, unions, the association of Dutch universities (VSNU) as well as the Young Academy and the Royal Dutch Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), but unfortunately to no avail.

The Dutch Government must invest more, as all disciplines in this moment are seriously underfunded.

To effectively pressure the Dutch Government, massive and visible protest from both students and faculty is absolutely essential. I therefore want to ask you to please disseminate this message as widely as possible.

A good English summary of the new policies can be found here.

More information will follow soon.