Some columns will put a smile on your face, others will be very familiar and sometimes it will chafe and feel uncomfortable. The conclusion is of course left to the reader, but our columnists will always make you think.

Ruud Abma is attached to Descartes College of Utrecht University

Ruud Abma

Roel Wouters is a general practitioner and works at UMC Utrecht as a postdoc researcher

Roel Wouters 

From green collection box to blue envelope

A few months ago, the VU announced that it would no longer be offering a study of Dutch. The number of first-year students had dropped down to a handful of students. The VU will most likely not have been surprised that this led to social and political fuss. After all, the closure of programmes often causes commotion. The (supposed) symbolic significance of the disappearance of one of the Dutch study programmes from the Dutch university landscape did not go unnoticed.

Academic bullying

The vicissitudes of Patricia Westerford could have served as an illustrative case in the recent report Harassment in Dutch Academia. Twisting its purpose, you could read this shocking document as a manual ‘How to Sabotage Someone’s Career’.

Work pressure

Work pressure, do you know that expression? Reverend Gremdaat (alter ego of Paul Haenen, a Dutch scriptwriter, actor and comedian) would most likely start ranting about ruthless managers and rude exploitation, and eventually ask: but what do you do about handling work pressure? A fair question.