As the voice of employees, the VAWO negotiates about important employment conditions for all university employees. For you as well. We do this at formal negotiation tables (university councils, collective agreement tables) and through campaigns and lobbies. Important achievements have been 'real' doctorate rewards, limits to temporary employment contracts, dealing with work load and personal aid schemes. In order to do this, the VAWO needs members. The results of our work are for all employees, but our impact and means depend on members. Join us and make us stronger!

Advantages for members

  • direct influence on negotiations about employment circumstances and career possibilities in your organisation (you can become a negotiator or council member yourself, for which the employer will provide time and support)
  • monthly newsletters, VAWO Vision-magazine, frequent updates about important policy issues
  • judicial advice by our judicial specialists, regarding work related matters
  • becoming a part of a community of committed colleagues, to share experiences and support, through local and national events
  • discount on insurance premiums of OHRA and Zilveren Kruis

How much does it cost?

The costs depend on the salary and the type of employment. Here you will find an overview of the different categories.

It’s possible to pay the VAWO’s contribution via the Selection Model Employment Conditions. Your employer will deduct the contribution from your gross salary, so that you will pay less taxes. The net advantage can reach up to 50%. The scheme can be different for every institution or university, so check your employer’s website or ask human resources about it.


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