11-15 March action week for necessary investments WO

22 February 2019 – VAWO calls upon all its members to make themselves heard during the action week from 11 to 15 March. During that week, WOinActie and trade unions are campaigning for the much-needed investments in academic education (WO). The actions will be concluded on Friday the 15th with a national education strike at Malieveld in The Hague.

The reason for the action week is that despite all talks and previous actions things have not yet led to the any result. Minister Van Engelshoven of OCW structurally refuses to talk about money. But if we want to keep the quality of the academic education high, investments are necessary. The national education strike, organised by the AOb and FNV and supported by VAWO and WOinAction, is intended to wake up the minister. We call on you to participate in local actions at your university and to join the final demonstration on 15 March. The VAWO will of course be present at this demonstration.

For the action week, prior to the national strike on education, plans will be made at local level. Because each university will decide which form of action to take, it may be that the plans are not yet finalised at your university. Look for information on the website of WOinActie or ask our representatives at your university.