Demonstrate for investment in WO

February 1, 2019 - VAWO calls on its members to demonstrate during the national education strike. The union thus joins WOinActie which is also present at Malieveld in The Hague on Friday 15 March.

Despite conversations, playful actions, a demonstration and again new conversations, the minister refuses to invest in academic education (WO). But change is badly needed, says VAWO spokeswoman Marijtje Jongsma. Once again, she points out the serious problems in the academic world: "A proliferation of temporary contracts for teachers and researchers, extremely high work pressure, continuous application and publication pressure, and less and less room for research due to the strong growth in the number of students.

It mainly bothers Jongsma that Minister Van Engelshoven of Education, Culture and Science starts every conversation with the statement that she's willing to talk as long as it's not about money. "We should be proud of the fact that so many young people in the Netherlands want to study, but if the Minister wants to maintain the quality of the WO, then she really must invest. I will therefore certainly be there on 15 March."

She hopes that Van Engelshoven will finally listen. "Actually," says Jongsma, "not only teachers and students should demonstrate, but it would also be good if involved parents show themselves. In the end, the lack of investment in education affects everyone. Jongsma already has the banner in place. "If we do nothing, we will achieve nothing. That is why I will be on Malieveld with members of VAWO on 15 March.