Do you receive the pension to which you are entitled?

July 8, 2019 - Approximately 16,000 people with an ABP pension do not take advantage of the non-contributory accrual and disability pensions, although they may be entitled to them. This is clear from a message from the ABP pension fund itself.

The pension fund is currently working on mapping out the individual situation of (former) members. In doing so, the ABP coordinates with the UWV (Dutch benefit agency). If names and numbers are known, the pension fund contacts the (former) member and helps them to apply for their full pension retroactively.

In order to prevent such situations from arising in the future, the ABP simplifies the process of applying for an incapacity for work pension. An online tool will be set up to enable members who become incapacitated for work in the future to apply for their disability pension quickly and easily. ABP will also raise awareness of the scheme among members and employers.

For questions about the disability pension, the ABP can be contacted on +31 (0)45 579 61 70.