Large turnout protest meeting WOinActie

Foto Floris Paalman

December 17, 2018 - The protest meeting of WOinActie has been a success with the attendance of at least two thousand participants. Despite the cold, lots of people gathered at Koekamp in The Hague. Initiator of WOinActie Rens Bod was pleased with the large turnout. According to him, WOinActie is becoming a national movement. And, he said, if the minister keeps refusing to invest in academic education, we seriously consider going on strike.

Geertje Hulzebos spoke on behalf of the students. Scale reduction was promised, improvement of educational quality and the appointment of four thousand extra teachers. But with the increase in the number of students, there hasn't been any reduction in scale. Nor do students see any return of the promised quality improvement, for which they have substantially delivered.

VAWO representative Marijtje Jongsma addressed the crowd on behalf of the unions VAWO and FNV. At a time when the position of employees is so vulnerable, trade unions are desperately needed, she said.

With slogans such as 'no ifs, no buts, no education cuts', the march of demonstrators then left for the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science. Despite her presence, Minister Van Engelshoven did not show herself.

'The fact that we were there with so many, together with students, shows the need for change,' says Jongsma who is proud of all the participants in the protest meeting. But she is very much disappointed in Minister Van Engelshoven. 'During our campaign at the opening of the Academic Year she indicated that she wanted to tackle the problems,' says Jongsma. 'But so far she has only made things worse.'

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