Sign the WOinActie petition

November 29,  2018 - WOinAction has launched a new petition to convince the Minister of the importance of good investments in academic education (WO.) The WO is crucial for the personal development of students and scientists, but also for society as a whole. Highly theoretically educated citizens are essential for solving major issues facing society. This is why the weakening of education has major consequences.

The WO has systematic underfunding, which is so large that education is at a breaking point. The number of students at universities and colleges of higher education is increasing, while the Ministry's contribution to educational institutions is not increasing proportionally. In fact, funding per student has fallen by a quarter since 2000. In addition to the decreasing funding, there are also severe cuts in higher education: in 2019 alone the efficiency discount (€24.9 million) and the lump sum discount (€19.5 million). Further cuts in the following years are already planned.

It is time for real investments based on quality. If this doesn’t take place, education will not be future-proof. The VAWO has been concerned about this for some time and therefore supports this petition from the WOinAction.