VAWO close by

VAWO can be found everywhere in the country. We have a local representative at most universities and a number of research institutions. They are often also part of the 'Lokaal Overleg' (LO). This includes members of the trade unions and the employers of the university or research institutions. Important agreements surrounding employee’s rights are then established. They also aid employers in putting the collective agreement into effect. At the university medical centres, the VAWO is represented via the Sector Healthcare of umbrella organisation CMHF.

Would you like to know more about the VAWO at your institution or university, please contact the local representative at your place of work.

Universiteit van Amsterdam 
Dr. M. (Marjolein) Hogenbirk ( ; 020-5254843)

Universiteit van Amsterdam 
Dr. M. (Matthijs) Engelberts ( ;

Vrije Universiteit:

Dr. F.P. (Pieter) Wagenaar (; 020-5986918)

TU Delft:
Ir. G. (Guus) Hommel (; 015-3692065)

TU Eindhoven:
Drs. A.R.L.A. (Anneroos) Dijkhuis (; 040-2474376)

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen:
Prof. dr. N. (Nasser) Kalantar-Nayestanaki (; 050-3636676)

Universiteit Leiden:
Dr. N.A.N.M. (Nicole) van Os (n.a.n.m.van.os
; 071-5272937)

Universiteit Leiden:
Dr. K.N. (Kiri) Paramore (; 071-5271693)

Maastricht University:
Dr. C. (Carijn) Beumer (; 043-3882285)

Maastricht University:
C. (Ceren) Pekdemir MSc (; 043-3882660)